The Text Technology Lab investigates formal, algorithmic models to deepen our understanding of information processing in the humanities. We examine diachronic, time-dependent as well as synchronic aspects of processing linguistic and non-linguistic, multimodal signs. The Lab works across several disciplines to bridge between computer science on the one hand and corpus-based research in the humanities on the other. To this end, we develop information models and algorithms for the analysis of texts, images, and other objects relevant to research in the humanities. As an outcome of this research, our data and methods are offered online by our web-based eHumanities Desktop, which has been developed to provide text-technological sustainability.

The Text Technology Lab, headed by Prof. Alexander Mehler, is part of the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics (Fachbereich Informatik und Mathematik) external link at the Goethe Universität external link in Frankfurt.


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